09 December 2009

What Biblical Femininity Is Not

Studying Genesis 3 has revolutionized my understanding of my sin and need for the Gospel... as a man. There is much to learn in contrasting Adam's passivity with Christ's joy-seeking sacrifice. The vocabulary built on that contrast has been a basis for men at Summitview to challenge and encourage one another in biblical masculinity.

This message was developed as an effort to build a similar, useful vocabulary for the women at Summitview.

Some summary points:
  • Biblical femininity does not easily give up on the goodness of God.
  • Biblical femininity lives by hearing and not by seeing.
  • Biblical femininity does not find security in self-exultation.
  • Biblical femininity does not subject God’s wisdom to another standard.
  • Biblical femininity does not violate God’s word in an effort to provide security.
  • Biblical femininity does not find supreme delight in created things.
  • Biblical femininity does not lean on its own understanding.
  • Biblical femininity does not wastefully cover its shame.
  • Biblical femininity does not find its final security in men.
Acknowledging it might be difficult for ladies to take my word on the benefits of this message, here are few endorsements:
"God definitely had something for me in the "What Biblical Femininity is Not" message. I'm now seeing my flesh and my need for Jesus so much more clearly. Somewhere along the way I stopped seeing my continued need for the gospel-the fact that Jesus is my righteousness and that I can lose nor gain anything that matters for eternity because of my justification in Chirst. I sense God transforming my motivations and beliefs from the core as result of the truth I received, now that's good stuff!" -Sandy Stoltzfus

"This talk opened my heart to the freedom of being who God has called me, and me alone, to be and gave me a clear recognition that Satan has been successfully destroying my view of God! I am thankful to be daily choosing freedom from the bonds of constant comparison and concern whether my life is measuring up against other women's. I am striving to wash myself in the precious blood of Jesus, allowing him change my heart as I rest in Jesus' power to turn my scarlet sins into glistening, sparkly in the moonlight, freshly fallen snow (Isaiah 1:18). There has been peace in my life spurred on by peeling away fig leaves of my own accomplishments, pride & self-righteousness as I am clinging to my Savior, exposed and naked, allowing Jesus, and Jesus ALONE, to adorn me with garments of salvation, the robe of righteousness, and the beauty of wedding clothes and jewels (Isaiah 61:10)."
-Samantha Alvarado
"Speaking about femininity these days seems a broad and inevitably sensitive subject, and all the more so in church. Mitch didn't mess around when he jumped right in and pointed the Word directly at the root of our greatest trial and temptation as women. We distrust God, which opens the door to fear, which compels us to grasp for security in either self-exultation or idolatry (the worship of created things rather than the Creator). I was encouraged and challenged to remember that Biblical beauty and true femininity is found in not easily giving up on the goodness of God and who He says He is." - Amber Constant
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