09 December 2009

Glorious and Lowly: How Christ is the Hope of the World

The first message in our series on the Gospel of Luke entitled "the red letters". We begin with a careful examination of the account of Christ's birth during the season of Advent.

We are born into the world with an economy. We sense that we are lacking. We have ideas of salvation and concepts of the barriers to salvation. If God is in the equation, He is only a means to providing our salvation or removing our barriers. The circumstances of Christ's birth communicate a profound revolution to this economy. They communicate that none of our barriers are truly barriers to "salvation" or God's favor and that God's favor looks much different than we think.

Listen to the message.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Where can I find the message?

  2. Hey!!!! Great to hear from you! you can get the message here or by clicking on the post title. Let me know if it doesn't work. Merry Christmas!