13 November 2009

Leadership Fridays: Clarity in last words

These reflections on biblical leadership by Richard Baxter from Paul's speech to the elders in Ephesus (his last spoken words to them) are concise, convicting and post-them-on-your-office-wall-worthy.
I think this one speech [Acts 20:17-35] better deserveth a twelvemonth’s study, than most things that young students spend their time upon. O brethren! Write it on your study doors – set it in capital letters as your copy, that it may be ever before your eyes. Could we but well learn two or three lines of it, what preachers should we be!

[a] Our general business (Acts 20:19)

[b] Our special work (Acts 20:28)

[c] Our doctrine (Acts 20:21)

[d] The place and manner of teaching (Acts 20:20)

[e] His [Paul's] diligence , earnestness, and affection (Acts 20:31)
This is that which must win souls, and preserve them.

[f] His faithfulness (Acts 20:27)

[g] His disinterestedness and self-denial for the sake of the gospel (Acts 20:33-35)

[h] His patience and perseverance (Acts 20:24)

[i] His prayerfulness (Acts 20:32)

[j] His purity of conscience (Acts 20:26)

Write all this upon your hearts, and it will do yourselves and the Church more good than twenty years' study of those lower things, which , though they may get you greater applause in the world, yet, if separated from these, they will make you but as 'sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal.'

Richard Baxter, “The Reformed Pastor”, Banner of Truth Trust, pg. 229-230


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