16 November 2010

There are times when silence is not an option and maybe, even, civility @5280Magazine

There are times when I take the devastating effects of sin lightly. I shouldn't. It's serious. The world is swimming in the tears that accompany the advent of sin. From genocide to rape to war and famine all the way to families broken by unrelenting selfishness. And we haven't even begun to consider the weight of rebellion against a perfect, loving and holy God.

A friend brought this article from the recent addition of 5280 Magazine to my attention this weekend. Its cavalier approach to sin begs a response. The following is the letter to the editor that flew off my hands in about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it is far too snarky but I will offer this consolation, I need to say these things to myself every time I callously forget (or willingly ignore) that all of our sin adds to all of our burden.
Thanks for the honest look at the Seven Deadly Sins in Denver. It was refreshing to see a piece about human behavior that was (almost) intellectually consistent with the rejection of any objective moral sensibility. How I long for the day when it is perfectly reasonable and "good" to satisfy all of our appetites in any way. "Sins" are SO last...well... a long time ago. Of course, thankfully, that means that the tears of the wife tormented by the mental images of her husband visiting the dominatrix also are "good" (I'm not sure why I keep using that word, let's just say "acceptable" and avoid any complications). The 13 year-old boy who learns of his father's enjoyment of the strip clubs is really in for a life of satisfaction in those same clubs. An early education is always preferable. Acceptable are the cries of children who watch their parents crumble under the weight of these amoral experiments with other husbands and other wives. Happy children and serious commitment just get in the way.

Hurt (yours mostly) is a small cost for my freedom.

Now to the "almost" qualifier in my praise of your intellectual consistency. My only complaint about the article is the brazen justification employed for the swinging lifestyle. Let's try to stay on target here. Why make the case that swinging IS NOT the result of an inordinate sexual appetite? What is that anyway? Who cares if lifestyle parties end up in orgies? Who cares if they are driven by perverted husbands? What is a pervert anyway? Let's move on and continue to the new territory afforded by the fall of our Moral Wall. I've seen some great books on Amazon lately.

I look forward to more crisply refreshing and culturally improving work in the future. Thank you for this stimulating contribution to the character of our great city. Hopefully, someday, we can become the most free place on earth. Won't it be good?

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  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    There was one point that I (sort of) agreed with the dominatrix... when I'm 70 and in a nursing home (or not), I want to be able to say I didn't live a boring life. And when I look at lives of people like Mother Theresa and Hudson Taylor, I realize I can do that AND live for God. What a treat!