24 February 2010

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"A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Church..."

Churches often find themselves floundering in a sea of busy programs or dying the slow death that accompanies a lack of compelling vision. One simple distinction provides the understanding we need to see how these things happen and how they can change.

Jesus said he would build his church and called us to make disciples.

Often, our drive to build the church (to our own glory) runs us ragged and distracts us from the true mission of the church namely, to make disciples.

"A Funny Thing..." looks at the distinction between building churches and making disciples and how our choic of focus affects the church.

"Membership, Leadership and Discipleship"

Well-defined words are necessary in any organization. Good leaders, then, are the protectors of words. In the church, there are many words worth protecting. Big words like substitution, atonement, redemption and deity need to be protected. And, although they may not seem as critical, we will find that words like membership, leadership and discipleship need protection as well.


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