16 January 2010

"Downtown Church" - New Patty Griffin

A great little article from NPR on Patty's new album.
"She got to work with Buddy Miller (among other friends, including Emmylou Harris, Jim Lauderdale and a couple members of the royal family of gospel, Regina and Ann McCrary), producing an album that's so mesmerizing, it's difficult to believe Griffin isn't a card-carrying member of The Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville. (That's where she recorded the album last January.)

But what makes Downtown Church even more relevant — and, frankly, more touching — is that Griffin says she's working through complicated feelings about religion and her own sense of faith. Downtown Church is her way of exploring those feelings. For the rest of us, the music is just plain good. And, for some of us, it's a feel-good re-introduction to ideas and feelings that might be uncomfortably familiar.

Downtown Church will be available in stores on Jan. 26, but you can hear it here, in its entirety, between now and then."
Gospel music from a seeking Patty Griffin? I'm in.


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