02 October 2009

It's hip to be square, or disinterested in hipness, or rebellious toward disinterest...

Fantastic sociological commentary on the crazy mental topography we will cover to try to be cool...I mean not cool... I mean... here
If I learned anything through this experience, it’s that if you’re trying to be cool by not being cool, or at least subconsciously attempting to not be cool, or pretending to be not cool in order to be cool, it would be cool to at least act like you are unaware of all that is cool but at some level have a deep obsession for that which could be considered cool, just in case someone asks you to become famous.

It is this potentiality for cool that makes one cooler. And of course this can only be found within your perfect-inner-famous-self. At least this is what you will tell yourself while you secretly look outward, with your eyes, and develop an idea of what is cool through the world around you. Just push away the objectivity of your inner confusion. Ignorance is bliss and can come off as totally hip. Especially when it doesn’t take a shower in order to preserve bed head.
from "The Diaries of Dennis, a Hipster" by Brian Watkins at the Curator

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  1. Hi Mitch,

    This is Toby down from the dusty borderland of El Paso. I stumbled onto your blog and think it is excellent. You are very much an encouragement and distant mentor to me.

    I also wanted to give a thumbs up to the linkage from The Curator. My friend Casey Downing, a former CSU student, is affiliated with the International Arts Movement in Manhattan and writes articles from time to time for The Curator. The last time I was in the Big Apple to visit him we had drinks and Pad Thai in Harlem with two of their staffers. They are a great organization.