28 September 2009

Resourcing as an act of ministry: Would the Puritans blog today?

This tidbit in the The Reformed Pastor was confirmation to my growing burden to resource the church. I think Puritan pastors would have blogged.
"See that in every family there are some useful moving books, beside the Bible. If they have none, persuade them to buy some: if they be not able to but them, give them some if you can. If you are not able yourself, get some gentlemen, or other rich persons, that are ready to good works , to do it. And engage them to read them at night, when they have leisure, and especially on the Lord's day." - Richard Baxter
"Moving" resources:
Fill in the margins of life; a list resources for the thirsty

The Theater of God - Messages from this weekend's Desiring God National Conference. Great hope-giving, heart-stirring, Christ-exalting stuff.


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