24 September 2009

A Mission to Soldiers in Afganistan: From Mars Hill Church in Seattle

From theResurgence:

"Last month marked the most US deaths in Afghanistan since we got there 8 years ago. Combat affords us the opportunity to acknowledge death and contemplate what is important in our lives. So when the gospel gets a hold of us, we have no other choice but to spread the word. 'When you are a starving man among starving people and you discover a banquet in the wilderness, you become a debtor to all.' (John Piper, Desiring God)

Our goal with the Mars Hill Military Mission is not to thank service members for 'protecting' our freedom and 'serving' their country; rather, it is to have them share in the blessings we have so graciously—and undeservedly—been afforded by the blood of Jesus on his cross. Not only is there forgiveness of sins on the cross, there is new life at the resurrection.

Read more about Mars Hill's Military Mission and find out how to contribute here.


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