13 August 2009

John Owen: Getting fed up with God and the things of God? Fight for sight.

From The Glory of Christ:
"It is possible to weary God by the way we fulfill our spiritual responsibilities (Isaiah 1:13-14). As the prophet Malachi said, 'You have wearied the Lord with your words' (Mal 2:17). God says he is weary with everything you do for him, and you say you are weary with everything you do for God (Mal. 1:13). You think you are being faithful to God but that he does not reward you as he should. You find no joy in your religion. You have given up holding regular family prayers, or they are only done sporadically and formally. Although family prayer is grounded in the light of nature and shows the family is dedicated to God, and is encouraged by the example of all the saints of old, and necessary in the experience of all that walk with God, yet you make excuses and justify yourself in your neglect of this duty. You show your weariness also by neglecting attendance at public worship. You used to find public worship a joy, but now, what a weariness it is! Things show that you are indeed getting fed up with God and with the things of God." (emphasis mine)
The remedy according to Owen:
"So if you are to avoid growing weary of God and with the things of God then you must continually stir up all the graces of the Spirit in you as you seek spiritual revival in your soul. Do not plunge straight into prayer or worship, but spend time meditating on the glory of Christ first in this way the graces necessary for carrying out that duty will be roused and ready. Keep a prayerful watch for those temptations that will try and draw you away from this holy duty. Many excuses will arise to persuade you to put off the duty of reviving your spiritual life. Laziness, formality, physical tiredness and the business of life will combine to frustrate every effort you make." (emphasis mine)
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