02 June 2009

Why would we expect our desires be different in Heaven?

From R.J.K Law's abridged version of Owen's "The Glory of Christ" (Banner of Truth) pg. 34:
There are some who profess to be strict, disciplined Christians, but who never put aside time to meditate on the glory of Christ. Yet they tell us that they desire nothing more than to behold his glory in heaven forever. They are being wholly inconsistent. It is impossible that someone who never meditates with delight on the glory of Christ here in this world, who does not make every effort to behold it by faith as it is revealed in Scripture, should ever have any real gracious desire to behold it in heaven. It is sad, therefore, that many can find time to think much on earthly, foolish things, but have no heart, no desire to meditate on this glorious object. What is this faith and love they claim to have?”
May my every effort and discipline be focused on seeing Him (John 5:39-40).


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