07 April 2009

Cheating the Thief Part 1: "Remember Your Calling"

This is the first message in a 7-part series for men at Summitview Community Church entitled "Cheating the Thief."

Before we begin investigating how to make the most of our opportunities in days full of evil (Eph. 5:15-16), we need a firm grasp on our calling as men. Men are different than women and they have been from the very foundation of the world. This message examines what is unique about men by closely examining the clues in Genesis 1 - 3.

What we find is that men are called to be strong and expend that strength in "productive dominion" and "life-giving self-sacrifice." A man's life was intended to add value to the creation and bring life to others and, though that comes at a cost, real life will be found as he gives up his strength for these things. This is a soldier's life (2 Timothy 2:3-4) - a life lived to please a perfect and eternal commanding officer.

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