23 March 2009

Biblical Productivity Series by C.J. Mahaney (Prep for Cheating the Thief)

Originally Posted at Sovereign Grace Ministries by Tony Reinke on 1/9/2009 
**Please start reading the series this week prior to "Cheating the Thief" on Thursday, March 26th at 6am.**

One solitary blog post on procrastination. That was the extent of what C.J. intended to write. But not long after spreading out the contents of his “time management” file folder over his desk, useful old resources surfaced, old themes returned, and new ideas emerged. A series was born.

C.J. began weaving his thoughts into blog posts and now, two months later, I think he’s approaching the end of the series. Or maybe he’s just beginning. I don’t know.

When it’s complete, the entire series may be organized into a more formal outline. And as C.J. continues his work on the next post, it may be helpful to see how this series has developed.

Here is a simple series index to date (you can get a .pdf of the whole series here):

Biblical Productivity
1.  Are You Busy?

2.  Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator

3.  The Procrastinator Within

4.  Just Do It

5.  In All Thy Ways

6.  The Sluggard

7.  Time. Redeemed.

8.  Roles, Goals, Scheduling

9.  Roles (Part 1)

10.  Roles (Part 2)

11.  Goals (Part 1)

12.  Goals (Part 2)

13.  Goals (Part 3)

14.  Goals (Part 4)

15.  Scheduling the Unexpected


  1. None of the c. j. mahaney links work. I'm not sure if they were supposed to. Also, what exactly are we supposed to start reading? Is there a book or is it all online material?

  2. Thanks Nick! They are working now...
    There is nothing mandatory to read... all these posts are supplemental to enhance the class (and they really will).

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Oh my. I've read the first 4 links and this is me. My thing I procrastinate from doing through my busyness is phone calls. I hate making them, I hate returning them. So, this really convicted me on this snow day to drop everything else I'd planned and make the phone calls I've procrastinated on making. And it does feel really good! All righty then! No more excuses! I've just proven I can make a bunch of difficult/uncomfortable phone calls (most of which ended up being rather fun) and still live to tell the tale. :-) Always something to learn...