13 February 2009

How Now Shall We "Friend"?

This message examines Ephesians 4 to address our core value of Biblically-Based Relationships. There is one twist on this one though; we try to answer the question; "How do we keep our social networking biblically-based?"  

A Rough Outline
  1. To prevent Biblical instruction from being distorted to our own, man-centered ends, we must recognize that Holy Spirit enables healthy relationships to proclaim that Jesus was sent from God (John 13:35 and John 17:20-21), not to make our lives easy.  
  2. Because the glory of God is at stake, the bible deals thoroughly with all aspects of relationships including speech, behavior, thoughts, roles in the family, authority in the church and connections with non-believing friends.  
  3. Finally, we need to take this biblical instruction and place it over social networking and ask, what social networking practices violate the bible?
For instance, how should we view
  • The lack of accountability in technological anonymity?
  • The privatization of that which should not be private?
  • The publication of that which should not be public?
  • Text - only communication?
  • The dangers of a technological cloak of darkness (Prov. 7:9-10, Job 24:15)?
  • Biblical Restoration of Unrepentant Christians?
  • “Should Christian’s ‘Friend’ Everyone”?
  • Can real confrontation happen over technology, or is there a God-inspired necessity for face-to-face confrontation?
The outline and accompanying Scripture references.


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