19 December 2008

Faith in Nothing

All Things Considered, December 16, 2008 · For the last decade, researchers have been looking for evidence to confirm the existence of dark energy. Now they appear to have it. (more)

So if Einstein's relativity explains everything (well 99.95% of everything), why is the universe still expanding 13 billion years after the Big Bang?  Oh yeah, its dark energy that "nothing" that is actually something which is preventing the predicted collapse of the universe.  So "nothing" is preventing the universe from collapsing.

I shouldn't be sarcastic, I mean, who am I to comment?  Just a backward crank with a superstitious explanation for the universe.  I don't believe in nothing, how could I possibly contribute to the dialogue.  I would have come up for with a different explanation for this massive inconsistency in general relativity... probably wee leprechauns or (gasp) maybe science has its limitations after all.


  1. I like these quotes from the article:

    "If there were no dark energy, these clusters would tend to grow and merge with other neighboring clusters. And that's not happening, which is providing new evidence of the existence of dark energy."

    "The fact that these results are consistent with the existence of dark energy still doesn't explain what dark energy is or how it has the opposite effect of gravity."

    So, the theory of dark energy comes from an argument of silence, and inexplicability? And they accuse us of mythologizing?

  2. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I think it's duct tape, its got a dark side and a light side and it holds the galaxy together......and modern science stopped being science when they started quashing dissent on creation and global warming, it actually fits the requirements of a religion, although I would say more of a cult.